How to create the perfect WOW customer experience: Burberry

Creating a WOW customer experience is not an easy task.  But in order to differentiate your brand from its competitors to the eyes of customers and to bring significant value to them, you must somehow try to impress them. Brands have no other choice but to rely on digital innovations and latest technological trends to wow their customers and generate some kind of reaction, feeling or emotion – preferably a positive one. Fashion brands in particular have been fiercely competing with one another over the past few years to win customers’ attention through integrating digital technology as principal component of their user experience.


The old English brand Burberry is a pioneer when it comes to integrating digital into their shopping experience. They revolutionized the idea of the traditional brick-and-mortal store into building a digitally enhanced space known as their new flagship store on Regent Street, London. Taking over two years to complete, the 44,000 sq ft space gave life to an enterprising blend that blurs the line between the physical and digital, effectively creating an virtually-enhanced experience in store. Sited in what used to be an old cinema, the vast space eschews the stuffiness of a high fashion boutique, creating an emphasis instead on browsing – cue the appealing display of trench coats. In addition, there are no real till points as such, just a team of staff accessorized with an iPad and a credit card machine for transactions.


Digital highlights include a series of full-length screens scattered around the store which can be switched to act as mirrors when needed and a giant screen within the centre of the atrium around which a stage can be erected in order to host in-store gigs. Meanwhile, many clothing items have also been chipped with radio-frequency identification technology, allowing for multi-media content (such as a catwalk clip of your item) to be triggered when placed near a mirror.


Burberry manages to create a unique customer experience through every events, store openings, fashion shows or ad campaigns they undertake. They particularly wowed their audience with the impressive show they put together for their Taipei’s flagship store opening. They invited guests to step into a custom-built multimedia display called Burberry World Live. “It’s basically the whole concept of the brand wrapped in one experience and a big celebration of the multifaceted jewel that is Burberry,” the brand’s creative director Christopher Bailey. “It’s a celebration of Britishness all around the globe.”



Great styles!




An oversized white shirt is a sexy addition to any girls’ wardrobe. It looks like you spent the night at your boyfriend’s place and wore it to change up yesterdays’ outfit. Its not only sexy, but also classic and versatile. The problem is that it can sometimes be tough to come up with new and interesting ways to wear it. Most girls wear their favorite oversized white shirt with black leggings and ballet flats or over the knee boots. Cute, but a bit boring and unoriginal. So we decided to come up with three different ways to wear it. Mary from Paris was kind enough to model our looks for us. We love her long reddish brown hair and super long legs! Vote for your favorite look!

Sasha’s Look

“Like a girl gone wild, a good girl gone wild”

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How to wear a leather jacket?? Ideas here! And vote for your favorite look!



The ultimate item that any girl can own is the perfect leather jacket. The key to to find one that fits right, is the right thickness and has enough detail on it to make sure you are comfortable wearing it with everything. They go with everything, and can make a casual outfit instantly trendy and cool, and can dress down even the snazziest of dresses.

All three of us wear our leather jackets in different ways, and so we thought it would be fun to show you three distinct and unique ways to wear yours today! Modelling our three looks is Lisha from South Africa, we thought she looked great in all three looks !


Sasha’s Look

“The woman is the most perfect doll that I have dressed with delight and admiration.”

  • Jacket: Topshop
  • Dress: Boutique Brand (lower level Topshop, Oxford Street London)
  • Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim
  • Shoes:

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StylingCubed: 3 girls taking on NYC one stiletto at a time!



Today was warm and nice and I don’t know about you, but when it gets warmer I am way more inspired as what to wear! My motto: always dress according to the season and the weather. I stayed true to my rule in picking a white trench-coat, having the magical power to immediately give some allure and class to any outfit. Another thing which I LOVE wearing when it’s not too cold: ballet flats. I’m an unconditional fan of ballet flats, own like a hundred pair of them as they remain my favorite piece to buy no matter what…ok ok…along with bags I guess.

As I work at CHANEL and that basically everyone there wears CHANEL from head to toe, I kind of felt the need to wear my CHANEL flats today (my favs).  They go perfectly…

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Your brand is nothing less than a promise

What is a brand? A brand is a promise. A brand is the value it carries to the eyes of its customers. Think of your brand as an actual individual. What would an individual do to be accepted, valued and loved? What would he say, how would he act or look like? Would an individual rather conform to the people who surrounds him or would he differentiates himself to stand out of the mass? Being different is the hardest of all challenges because you unconditionally subject yourself to criticism, jealousy and competition. However, it can also be the key to success as it often times lead to admiration, respect and supremacy.


For a brand it works exactly the same way. No matter how big the challenges are, a brand should always try to differentiate himself from others, to elevate itself above the game through research, strategy and innovation. This is the only way to be recognized, perceived and accepted by a market. Delivering a promise through your brand is delivering what your brand stands for, what it means, to the company and to its audience. The promise should be meaningful and valuable, it should have some kind of purpose and fulfill a certain need. Needs are endless as they can be easily created. This is what Apple did so successfully under Steve Jobs‘ reign: satisfying a need that has not yet been expressed. Apple’s products such as the iPhone, iPad or MacBook Air fulfill needs that are purely relative and certainly not innate. Why does it work? The promise is simple, attractive and enviable. In the case of Apple, they personified their promise to make it more powerful and identifiable from a customer standpoint. As a result, customers are not simply seduced by a product, customers are instead aspiring to a lifestyle, personality and values branded by Apple:


It is also about how a company delivers the promise to his audience. I believe that no matter the product or service you are selling, it can be adopted if you advertise it the right way. This involves using the right communication/marketing channels that will resonate among your target and that is aligned with your brand image. If your are an innovative or technologically oriented brand, use innovative marketing channels to promote it; like mobile, social or digital. However, If you sell toilet paper for example, stick to more traditional media channels such as TV or print.

Unfortunately, even with something as simple as toilet paper, awful ads are often popping out like an infection. And although I was saying earlier that no matter what product you sell,  it is about how you sell it, the following ad from Comfort Wipe definitely proves me wrong – I hardly believe people will urgently feel the need to buy one of those after having seen this:

Winning your audience through social media marketing

As companies and brands face tremendous challenges in the digital marketing sphere, marketers have to remain competitive and uniquely differentiate themselves through digital “experiments” and social strategies. With social media marketing, companies realized that advertising and promotion could no longer be a monologue, i.e. a single vision or a unique view point – the one of the brand. Existing and potential customers have now to be placed at the center of the creative message by privileging what they want and expect from a brand, product or service over what the company wants them to perceive.


Brand becomes co-created by what the consumer says it is. It is no longer simply thought out and planned by the brand-manager and carries value that is meaningful to the consumer as he actively participates in the creation process. Becoming customer-centric also involves engaging customers with your ad. Social media marketing allows for a greater interaction between the message and its recipients. Powerful and innovative ways to engage with customers and make them part of the action involve augmented reality (AR), mobile and Facebook apps or interactive videos. By being an actor of the content, the customer feels empowered and thus attributes value to it.

The German company Tipp-Ex embraced the “outside-in” concept and applied it through a brilliant YouTube ad campaign:



The Belgian beer company Stella Artois came up with an interactive Facebook app for the Christmas season that allows fans to send a group of carolers to their homes as well as the ones of their friends.

Screen Shot 2012-12-02 at 6.31.15 PM

Screen Shot 2012-12-02 at 6.31.44 PM

Making your target participate and engage with your ad will generate impact and positively reinforce your brand equity and brand perception. An ad is less likely memorable to the consumer if you constrain him to play a passive role. Also, privileging only one social media channel (in this case YouTube) might be risky in terms of not reaching a sufficiently large audience but if well executed can resonate deeper to the viewers than if simply promoting your brand across various channels without delivering valuable content.

Must-have of the season: the burgundy skinny pant!

Glenn, Marketing student at NYU, from Singapore. Spotted near NYU campus in Bryant Park, on his way to class.

Glenn is wearing Armani Exchange blazer and shirt, H&M pants and beanie, a Louis Vuitton belt and Aldo shoes. He perfectly incarnates the “hipster chic” guy, that we so often encounter in the streets of NYC. Although the beanie gives a casual and chill feel to Glenn’s outfit, the combination of items vs. colors is very meticulous and well put together. The key piece of the look is the burgundy cotton pants which is THE fashionable must-have of the season. Glenn proves us that we can all be hipster while remaining classy!

Grey Textured Blazer: $219

Jacquard Shirt: $88

Twill Pants: $39.95

Wool Cap: $7.95

LV Initials Damier Belt: $465

Hallinan Sneakers: $48.99

Do you think that chic and hipster styles work well together? We want your opinion!